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WN Hub
WN Hub is an online communication platform for the game industry. It’s designed to help companies reach their business goals online: learn about other players on the market, hold video meetings, strengthen existing and establish new partnerships, exchange news and knowledge, and a lot more.

Since it's launch in April, WN Hub has already hosted 10 game industry events for its members.
The platform has brilliant features to help any company from the game industry reach their goals.

  • Developer showcase will be useful for developers and publishers who are looking for the brilliant projects
  • Publisher Pavilion is a virtual space for the publishers to expose the brand and hold meetings with developers
  • Roundtable discussions and sessions by the speakers from the top game companies. Sharing experiences is an essential part of industry growth. With the WN Hub you can join online panel discussions on hot topics and keep up with the industry trends and news.
  • The platform features internal networking tools such as general and personal chats and video calls. Set meeting with game industry professional from all over the globe. Filter the list of attendees/companies by your point of interest, and use our meeting tools to have a chat or set up a video call.
No, we are NOT going to cancel the upcoming White Nights shows. The conferences will take place online.
In case you buy a ticket or sponsorship for any of our events and can’t go because you don’t feel well or just decide to stay on the safe side last minute, we will give you a full refund. So, plan your trips or stay tuned for the updates regarding fully immersive virtual participation!
You can add or change your game from My Profile section on WN Hub anytime.
Anytime by making an additional payment. The amount is due to the day of the upgrade. The closer the event, the higher the rates.
Indie Passes can be bought only by indie developers and studios who have just started their way in the game industry. Indie Pass is for you if you are a beginner in game development and if you work on your own or in a team up to 10 people. To claim the Indie Dev Pass please email us at Standard Pass includes everything except the main party at the end of the first conference day. Premium Pass is an all-inclusive ticket.
Anytime by making an additional payment. The amount is due to the day of the upgrade. The closer the event, the higher the rates.
The platform stays open after the event so you can stay in touch with with everyone you've met during the event.
The meeting tool will be open two weeks before the WN Fall'20. You will be able to check the Members and Companies lists and start scheduling meetings for the conference days.
All videos will be available for the conference attendees within a month after the conference. If you didn't attend the conference but don't wanna miss a thing, you can get access to the videos in the Tickets section.
Please fill out the info about your company attendees via the link that your manager sent to you not later than two weeks before the conference: this is the time where the Business Assistant will be opened, and only registered attendees will receive the log in information.
No, tickets included in the sponsorship package can be used only by the company’s employees. You can’t give these tickets to any other people who are not representing your company.