July 5-6
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WN Conference St. Petersburg'22 is a hybrid event taking place on July 5-6, 2022.
The conference will bring together over 1,000 video game industry decision-makers that will be joined by online attendees from around the globe on the WN Hub communication platform.


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Meet the speakers of the WN Conference St. Petersburg'22
Sergey Zykov
Account Director - SoftClub
Sergey Ryabtsev
Producer - AppQuantum
Katerina Dovnar
Producer - MGVC
Ruslan Gerasim
Senior R&D Game Designer -
CM Games
Rodion Kotelnikov
CTO - VK Play
Oleg Sakharov
Game Designer & Founder -
Door 407
Ayrat Zakirov
Managing Director / CTO -
Ice-Pick Lodge
Natalya Popova
Head of Development -
Friday's Games
Anastasia Zykina
User Acquisition Manager
(Chinese Networks) -
Mamboo Games
David Olubowale
International Sales Lead - VK
Vladimir Romanov
Head of ASO - ZiMAD
Vasiliy Meshkoy
Lead Producer - Whalekit
Vera Velichko
CEO / Art Director - OWL Studio
Matvey Tkachev
Producer - Foxford
Ekaterina Smirnova
Partner, Head of St. Petersburg Office - Semenov&Pevnzer
Nikita Bokarev
Head of Business Development - Yandex Games


We invite game industry top managers and department heads to the roundtable discussions to share their knowledge and expertise with each other. Is there such a thing as a Work/Life Balance? What do they have to deal with on a daily basis? These and other questions will be raised during the invitation-only conversations joined by 10 people each.

The number of places is limited.
Please apply if interested, we’ll get back to you!
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18:00 - 23:00


21:00 - 02:00

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Krasnogvardeyskaya Square, 3 E
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Mihai Pohontu
"WN Seattle was a wonderful opportunity to learn from industry luminaries and connect with our colleagues. It was a well-organized event from the beginning to the end, and I cannot wait to return to future editions."
Phoena Pang
"I'm glad to witness the WN conference debut in the US. The whole conference was super organized despite Covid and had a great mixed group of speakers & attendees. Looking forward to seeing more in the States."
Renee Gittins
"I was revived by WN Seattle and the high-quality networking and talks I was able to enjoy. It was refreshing to once again be surrounded by some of the best developers and thought-leaders in the game industry."
Pollen VC
Martin Macmillan
"The WN team did a great job of hosting WNSeattle - my first in-person gaming conference since January 2020. Despite it being their first event in North America there was a great mix of attendees and high-quality speakers, and curation of interesting panels and presentations. Will definitely be back next year!"
Transcend Fund
Andrew Sheppard
"The WN conference brings industry insiders from around the world together to discuss key trends in and around gaming. It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to network and expand your horizons."
Global Game Jam & Geogrify
Kate Edwards
"WN Seattle is an ideal environment to maximize the ability to network - an event that's not too large and not too small, centered in one of the most robust game developer communities in the world. I appreciated being able to enjoy both high quality content and high quality networking all in one place."
Alessandro Canossa
"A lot of effort put into, and generally everybody feel comfortable: it was easy to talk to anyone. Organization is spotless, that's a success!"
Emma McDonald
"WN is a very well organized and effective conference with a great atmosphere and lots of interesting attendees from the games business. The organizers are a pleasure to work with too."
The Games Fund
Maria Kochmola
"WN Conference proved to be very productive for us, we had many prospective meetings! Also, we are always happy to contribute to the program."
Square Enix Mobile
Albert Custodio Martinez
"WN Conference is for sure one of the must attend events in the industry with an excellent organization and location. The mix of good developers and third party companies was fantastic."
Romain Escaich
"That's great to meet people, great to meet app developer, great to meet very serious guys on the market!"
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