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What to expect?

Finnish Game Day ’17 is a networking event aimed to introduce the Finnish gaming industry and designed to present opportunities that open up for game dev professionals interested to be part of the gaming ecosystem in Finland and beyond.

Join the event along with game industry leaders from Finland, Russia and CIS to learn about Finnish gaming industry latest insights and trends, listen to great speakers, network and explore business opportunities.

Finnish gaming industry is the fastest growing and developing gaming industry in the world, with a turnover of 2.5 billion euro in 2016, which is the result of:

  • robust game cluster with a strong, vibrant gaming community;
  • creative hub for world-class game development studios;
  • top-notch gaming expertise and know-how;
  • secure business enviroment with the steady gaming industry growth;
  • strong government support of the gaming industry;
  • 25+ universities with programs and degrees in gaming.
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Simultaneous translation into Russian is provided.

FINNISH GAME DAY 2017 Participants
Finland in numbers
During last years the Finnish game industry has grown faster than the global game market with compound average growth rate at 45% during 2004 – 2015.

2016 was once again a year of growth for the Finnish game industry, but the growth was not so big, 4,2% from €2,4 Billion to €2,5 Billion.

Rapid growth has been one of the main characteristics of the Finnish game industry during the last decade. Now we can see more mature development and quest for stability.

Mobile games generated around €35 Billion turnover in 2016 globally. The share of Finnish mobile game developing was roughly 7% of the revenue generated.
The number of people employed in gaming industry has been growing quite steadily. These figures confirm that Finnish game industry grows and companies have good perspectives.

Comparing employment and turnover figures, we see that the relative turnover (turnover/employee) of the Finnish game industry has been growing much faster than the number of employees.

In 2016 around 18% of the employees working in the Finnish game industry came from abroad, and the number is likely to increase.

The number of female employees increased from 358 to 406 last year, the share of female employees is 18%.
Finland has always been the pioneer in mobile games. It has a number of different reasons such as Nokia’s strong presence in the country and the high penetration of mobile technology.

For most start-ups, mobile is a natural entry platform because of its relatively easy development environment, mobile and gaming knowhow, easily available distribution channels, enhanced development tools and the small initial investment required.

Most companies develop games for several platforms.
Total number of game studios in Finland now is 250. 12% of them make over € 1 Million annual turnover.

Due to the large number of game start-ups the median turnover of a Finnish game studio was € 95 000 in 2016.
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Event Location

General Consulate of Finland
Preobrazhenskaya Square 4
St.Petersburg, Russia